I want to help good causes spread out.

Hi, I'm Diana. I'm a creative digital strategist, who believes in the power of technology to help social movements organize smarter and reach further.
I'm currently working for a very unique, experimental multi-union organizing project out of MLK Labor in Seattle: The Presidents' Organizing Initiative. As a Digital Organizer at MLK Labor, I'm harnessing the power of digital tools to directly support local labour movement growth through union organizing.
Most recently, I was part of the BC NDP digital team in the campaign that led to the historic election of the first BC NDP majority government in 24 years.
Behind-the-scenes of UFCW 1518's Human Rights Week, a 100% online event
Previously, I worked as a Communications Representative at UFCW 1518, BC’s largest private-sector union and a truly progressive labour organization.

I'm very passionate about digital media, good design and good stories. I'm also fascinated by people and concerned by today’s social inequalities. That's why I decided to pursue a degree in Sociology at the University of British Columbia.
At the 2019 BC NDP Convention in Victoria, BC
I believe good digital strategy starts with people. That's why empathy and social and political awareness are key elements in my work. Tools can't win a campaign for you, but they sure can help.

With Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada's federal New Democratic Party.
Since I like people and I like technology, my favourite place to be is at the intersection of humans and the digital. I also want to be part of something bigger than myself, so my ideal workplace has a purpose and a social impact.
I’m always looking for meaningful and challenging opportunities to keep growing.

In 2019 I was elected Co-chair of the BC Young New Democrats. On the same Convention our committee passed a motion to lower the voting age in BC to 16.
My superpowers are in the areas of:

Digital (01)

I get along with technology and have led teams in the adoption of digital tools. love working at the intersection of people and the digital.

Design (02)

Good design can help ignite social change. I have the technical skills and experience to create visually inspiring products.

Writing (03)

I believe how we communicate a good idea is as important as having a good idea. I'm good with words – and have some awards to prove it.
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